Preschool Teacher Jobs in Massachusetts

Preschool Teacher Jobs in Massachusetts

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Please forward this error screen to 45. Which city has the best preschool Teacher Jobs in Massachusetts preschools in America? Laila Webb, 5 and Reezahnny Veiga Rodrigues, 5, add to the model of their home city they and their classmates have built in their Russell Elementary preschool classroom. Reezahnny is especially keen on showing visitors the traffic jam she has added.

This is the second story in a series exploring the current state of America’s preschools. BOSTON — On the ground floor of Russell Elementary School in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston one February morning, three teachers supervised 20 students in what is considered one of the best free, public preschool programs in the country. Sitting on a bright rug in a cozy classroom, 4- and 5-year-old students discussed how the letter M looks a lot like the letter W. Judging by their looks of concentration, this was a tricky point.

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Students scattered to different areas of the room, to create capes out of donated fabric in the art section, build the city of Boston out of blocks in the block section, illustrate their own books in the writing section, sketch some yellow daffodils in the science section, and play house in the make-believe section. Kids tell parents on Saturday that they want to go to school. If we were drilling them and doing worksheets, they wouldn’t be saying that. Why didn’t he use paint like we have? In the afternoon, once recess, lunch and nap had been wrapped, it was math time. Bolt scattered a bunch of shapes on the rug.

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Then, once again, the kids were loosed on the room, finding math games or puzzles at all of the pint-sized tables and rug-based play areas scattered throughout. Bolt and the other adults moved from table to table asking kids questions about their pursuits or challenging them to try something new. From start to finish, a day in Bolt’s Russell Elementary classroom could be a primer on what high-quality preschool is supposed to look like. Children had free time to play with friends in a stimulating environment, received literacy instruction that pushed beyond comprehension to critical thinking and communication and were introduced to complex mathematics concepts in age-appropriate ways.

Preschool Teacher Jobs in Massachusetts

5, draws a picture of Batman for his book about superheroes in the classroom’s writing section. Boston’s preschool program, called K1 locally, serves about 68 percent of the 4-year-olds likely to enroll in public kindergarten. Marie Enochty, a program director in the school district’s early childhood education department, neatly summarizing the message heard at every turn here, from the classroom to the mayor’s office. Providing high-quality public preschool is no small feat. Only a handful of city and state programs meet the quality standards established by the National Institute for Early Education Research, a think tank that publishes annual reports evaluating state preschool programs across the country. The key elements of quality are simple, says Jason Sachs, director of the district’s early childhood education department: A great curriculum and ongoing, effective staff support. Who the teacher is and what the teacher is teaching?

Anytime we can make an investment in young people it’s a positive step for a city. Of course, a dozen other factors contribute to the program’s success. It depends on whom you ask, but the answers include well-educated, well-paid teachers, strong unions, a population willing to pay significant amounts in taxes to fund education, and relatively small class sizes. 12,450 per K1 student each year. That helps cover a salary for an assistant teacher in every classroom and a sizeable budget for materials and supplies.

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That amount does not include the costs of providing one-on-one teacher coaching, improving and customizing the curriculum and making sure each classroom meets the accreditation standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. To offer universal preschool at the quality level needed, local funds and a revolving set of federal and private grants won’t cut it, Boston Public Schools Superintendent Tommy Chang said. The district does receive some ongoing state and federal funding, but officials here say it is not enough to cover everything they need to keep quality high. As a state, Massachusetts ranks poorly on measures of access and better on measures of quality in its public preschool program.

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh, a Democrat, tries to make up what the program lacks in state support with enthusiastic local support. It’s an investment in young people. Any time we can make an investment in young people it’s a positive step for a city. Girls Clubs of Dorchester, where the center director says family engagement is particularly important.

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The private preschool receives some financial and curriculum support from the city. He has been leading the district’s early education department for more than a decade. His blunt confidence in the system-changing potential of high-quality early education and his indefatigable pursuit of the funds needed to do so make him a forceful presence in the district. Sachs worked on early learning policy in the state education department before moving to Boston. Now, he leads a 21-person team of coaches and curriculum experts. Sachs and his team have brought in so much money through outside grants that only seven of the team’s positions are paid for directly by the district.

Preschool Teacher Jobs in Massachusetts

For a teacher like Bolt, 10 years into her career, Sachs’ laser focus on quality means she is constantly interacting with the team that developed the curriculum she uses in her classroom. She gives them feedback on what works or doesn’t work with her students and then tries out potential improvements. She sticks to a district-wide schedule, but has the prerogative to make alterations as she sees fit. Bolt says she follows her kids’ cues.

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Such a planned learning environment is anathema to some early educators. The necessity, or even benefit, of hiring teachers with bachelor’s degrees or having a structured curriculum are still matters of debate in early education. But many non-public school preschool programs in Boston have bought in to the district’s way of thinking, thanks to an initiative that provides their teachers with additional training and pay. 52,632 — Starting salary for any Boston Public Schools teacher with a bachelor’s degree but no master’s degree and for preschool teachers at participating community-based programs. While each Preschool Expansion Grant recipient has outlined a different plan for using its funds, Boston is focused on improving citywide preschool quality. Girls Clubs of Dorchester classroom in the city of Boston.

Girls Clubs of Dorchester, which offers day care and preschool to children ranging from 2-months- to 5-years-old. Our programs have been strengthened by BPS and to some extent, BPS has been strengthened by community-based organizations. Kinsella Scannell started working with the district in 2006 as part of a pilot public-private partnership model. Since then the program has gone through two rounds of expansion.

Some, Kinsella Scannell acknowledges, are wary of working within the more rigid structure of the public school system. And results have been mixed so far. During the second phase of the partnership program, children did improve both their literacy and math skills when their teachers had received more instruction on how to teach those things. However, not all of the center-based teachers used the district curriculum consistently. If Boston’s initiative to involve more community-based preschools works, it could provide a model for cities and states across the country that are trying to perfect partnerships between districts and private providers as a potentially faster and cheaper solution to expanding public preschool. 2,800 — Number of preschool spots available in Boston Public Schools.

Meanwhile, back at Russell Elementary School, yet another compelling result of Boston Public Schools’ increased focus on early education is playing out two stories up, in Ed Ballard’s third-grade classroom. Instead of sitting at their desks one afternoon, kids sprawled on the floor around a giant sheet of paper covered in fraction calculations or gathered at a kid-sized table to solve a complex word problem. According to Ballard, this is at least a weekly sight in his classroom these days. Vianca Melo, 9, a member of the fractions group. That means the ideas that have been found to be effective in the earliest grade are now beginning to be applied to later grades.

Jamie Huynh, 4, ties a cape on her classmate, Gabriel Monteiro, 4, in their public preschool class at a Boston elementary school. The capes were inspired by a book called Nana in the City in which a little boy wears a cape to help him be brave in a new place. They really can get things clarified. I say things a certain way. They’re more interested in talking to each other.

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Changing all of early elementary school in a methodical and purposeful way to better resemble the student-centered structure of preschool would be a much bigger win than just proving that preschool helps students do better in kindergarten, Sachs said. Starting this coming school year, his department will be responsible not just for preschool and kindergarten curriculum and coaching, but for first and second grade as well. Despite its success, Boston faces hurdles. For one, its highest-income residents tend to view their city’s public schools as a last resort. Were they involved, higher-income parents could bring the power of their wealth and political muscle to expanding the program to serve all children. Taking a turn in the teacher’s seat to explain their work is a frequent occurrence in this Boston preschool classroom.

The city also has minimum support from the state, which provides free preschool to just 7 percent, or about 6,500, of the state’s nearly 92,000 4-year-olds, according to the National Institute for Early Education Research. Steven Barnett, the director of the National Institute for Early Education Research, thinks that cities, not states, are leading the way to the idea that preschool should be a right guaranteed to every 4-year-old in America. Now, Barnett thinks we could be about to see the same kind of widespread adoption for public preschool, one city at a time. And he may be right, because Boston is not alone. New York City, Cleveland, Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Antonio, to name a few, also have large and growing public preschool programs. Several city mayors, especially former Mayor Julian Castro in San Antonio and Mayor Bill de Blasio in New York, even made expanding preschool a key campaign issue.

At a meeting of the Boston Public Schools Early Education Department in February, the staff was working on offering productive critical feedback to teachers. They watched a video of a teacher who kept her kids sitting on a rug for a 30-minute morning meeting. There were groans from the staff. The classroom in the video, though friendly and warm, did not look as engaging or productive as Mary Bolt’s classroom and the coaches, most of whom know Bolt, agreed that it was not. After the video, the group broke into teams to role-play a coaching meeting with the teacher in the video. Oh yeah, next time I’ll make sure circle time is shorter. And you want the teacher to understand the rationale behind that.

Preschool Teacher Jobs in Massachusetts

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Victor has studied early childhood in Haiti and law in Paris and then early childhood again in the United States. She takes her work very seriously and is insistent that there’s always room for improvement. Her way of thinking is echoed by most of the early education staff and by teachers like Bolt and Ballard. So while Boston’s program is exceptional by the standards of what is offered nationally, no one here is satisfied. This story was written by The Hechinger Report, a nonprofit, independent news organization focused on inequality and innovation in education. Unlike most of our stories, this piece is an exclusive collaboration and may not be republished. Lillian Mongeau Lillian Mongeau is the Membership Manager and West Coast Bureau Chief.

Preschool Teacher Jobs in Massachusetts

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Preschool Teacher Jobs in Massachusetts

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