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Stay informed of all our new resources as they’re developedwe have some exciting features coming in 2018! To officially become a newsletter subscriber, be sure to confirm your subscription by responding to the email we send you. Some causes of fires in the home. Use your interactive crayon to paint these fun coloring pages of Fire Safety friends- firefighters,a fire truck,a fire hydrant, a fire extinguisher.

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Firemen help beginner readers and ESL students! Click on the words under the coloring picture to hear the sentence that describes the picture in these flaming Fire Safety games. Fire Safety and Prevention book descriptions and reviews for preschool and elementary reading. Some titles include: Arthur’s Fire Drill, Big Frank’s Fire Truck, Dot the Fire Dog, Fire!

Fire Safety, Firefighter George, Firefighters A to Z, Here Come Our Firefighters, It’s Time to Call 911, No Dragons for Tea – What to Do in an Emergency, Stop- Drop – and Roll, and The Fire Cat. Worksheets and printables include a word jumble, word search and placing vocabulary words in alphabetical order. We Just Published Our First Book! A stick is a very popular material for crafts especially when used in nature crafts. Children can make anything with a little imagination and effort, from kites to real fishing rods. You can even make Christmas ornaments with sticks, particularly a star ornament. One of my favorite things to make with sticks are cute doll houses, fairy houses or even a whole town if I have enough sticks.

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Another popular craft made with sticks is the Native American dream catcher. Make these beautiful flower trees that will last forever. First of all take a piece of decorative paper or construction paper out. Then measure the length of an empty yogurt container to see what size to cut the construction paper. Then wrap it around the yogurt container and glue it on. Next get some tissue paper and cut 2″ squares. Take those tissue paper squares and cruble them into tissue paper ball flowers.

You can cover the can with paper and paint it. From early times men made trips on water by raft. You can build a toy raft from fallen branches. Cut them to a length of 8 to to inches. You can connect them by tying one branch to the next, at both ends with twine or string. Float your raft at the beach or use it to carry your soap or toy figures and figurines in the bathtub.

Interesting patterns or designs can be made with sticks, round, square, short, pointed, and odd shaped ones. Dip the sticks into paint or ink or dye. Then press the painted ends onto paper to make designs such as seen here. Instead of sticks, try using other cool objects from nature. When autumn winds send the leaves fluttering here, there, and everywhere, the time has come for you to go forth in search of twigs that have something of the appearance of a person’s form, as in figure 1. With a supply of twigs at hand, cut faces, as seen in figure 2.

And hands, as in figure 3. Cut them double and then mount with glue on the twigs, as seen in figure 5. This is a really cool glove, hat, jewelry bearing tree that transforms a handsome piece of driftwood into an interesting decoration for your bedroom. Gild, Paint, or Varnish the driftwood.

Then glue it firmly to a mirror base, and it will be a genuine conversation piece and accessory hanger that youw ill love. Gloves, Hats, Baseball Caps, Ties, Necklaces, Chains, or Whatever you want to hang from this tree. How to Make Fishing Game – Learn how to make this fun fishing game with a real stick for a fishing pole. Make an Indian Tepee Structure – How to make an indian teepee with paper, tape, and a stick. Make a Real Working Mini Windmill with Sticks and Tin Pan – Wouldn’t it be cool to make a real working miniature windmill?

Easter Egg Trees – Find out how to make Easter egg trees with branches, pipe cleaners, and decorated eggs. Make Musical Maracas and Rattles from Gourds and Sticks – This is a fun craft for kids, parents, and teachers. Use gourds, amply grown in the Fall, to make musical instruments. Bird in Tree Box – This is a great Springtime craft – make a bird hanging out in a treethis craft uses a shoe box, some cotton balls, and a tree branch. Make a Halloween Pumpkin Tree Craft for Kids – This Halloween tree will add a nice touch to your living room.

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And you don’t even have to throw it away when Halloween is over. Branched Mobiles – Make mobiles from branches of a tree and paper designs tied up with string. Stick Fishing Game – You can fish in your own little fishing pond with the following fishing game. Tie a string and safety pin to a stick or dowel to make the fishing rod. Indian Long Home Structures – Make this Long Home with Stiff Cardboard, Paper, Clips, and if you want, you can make the roof with real sticks to make it look more authentic.

Make a Toy Kite – Make a toy kite using sticks, string, paper, and ribbons. Japanese Cherry Blossoms – Make this beautiful Cherry Blossom tree with a twisting tree branch and some tissue paper blossoms. Make a Toy Birdhouse and Wax Birds – This toy miniature bird house is made out of spools, twig, cork, toothpick, and jar lid. Make a Musical Instrument with Walnut Shells – Learn how to make this cool walnut shell musical isntrument with a walnut, rubber band, and a stick. How to Make Wooden Stick Mobiles – This tutorial gives instructions on making basic mobiles with sticks and string. This mobile example is for fishies.

Characters Made with Stuff from an Autumn Walk – Make characters such as people and birds from pinecones, twigs, acorns, and walnut shells. Making Stick Puppets for Puppet Shows – These are perfect puppet show puppetslearn how to make them to have a fantastic puppet show. Potato Stick Puppets – Learn how to make potatoes into cute puppets that you use on a stick. Stick Painting – Explore the textures in nature with stick paintinggreat for young kids, preschoolers, and Kidnergarteners.

Autograph Covered Log Wagons – Make these log wagons at Summer Camp and have everyone sign it on your last day so you can always remember your friends. These use both logs and twigs. Mini Bunny Matchbox Landscapes – Make a tiny, miniature, adorable outside scene with bunnies in it. Sticks – Make a birdhouse out of twigs and sticks.

Butterfly Card for Mother’s Day – A Mother’s Day card that takes you and your family outdoors with a real branch, stick or twig. This carefully balanced sculpture moves with every breeze. Canvas Tree Art – Create a canvas worth piece of art with decorated twigs and branchesfind out with the following tutorial. Campfire Caps Twigs Craft Ideas – My four- and five-year-old day campers got a big kick out of these hot headbands. When setting up your cap-making station, be sure to include at least twice as many marshmallows as the hats call for, as they tend to quickly disappear.

Crashing Witch Door Hanger Craft – Ah the crashing witch, she’s hilarious! In recent years she’s been on garage doors, front doors and even on the tree in your neighbor’s yard. This year, make your own crashing witch to hang on your door! Easter Egg Tree Craft Ideas for Kids – Holiday trees aren’t eggs-actly just for Christmas anymore! Celebrating spring and Easter with an egg tree is a natural when you have creative kids.

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Make this with a tree branch. Easter Tree Branch Craft for Children – Who says Easter eggs don’t grow on trees? This fabulous family craft recycles nature, makes for a great Easter decoration and provides hours of fun with the kids. Easy Easter Tree Craft – An easy project to make and let the children decorate.

The bucket is easily transformed into a storage tub or used for another holiday since you use vinyl clings to decorate it with and a fallen tree branch. Fairy Houses Twigs Craft Idea – Buttercup the Fairy says, “We love to fly about, but we need to rest, just like you. If we spy an inviting retreat like this one, it’s hard to resist. Check out the fairy building code below and then construct your own fairy house. Fall Hat Pin Craft for Kids – Make these pins in fall colors or green for the Spring season. Family Tree Craft for Kids – Make a child’s family tree from a small tree branch and construction paper.

You can acquaint your child with their ancestry by making this simple and pretty family tree. Forsythia Tissue Paper and Twig Craft – Do you want to make a cherry blossom branch or a Forsythia with tissue paper and twigstake a look at this craft. Fun To Make Autumn Leaf Mobile Craft Idea – Fall is such a pleasant time for me. I really enjoy the cooler temperatures and the changing colors of the foliage. When a gust of wind comes along and the leaves rain down, I smile.

Children are great imitators so give them something great to imitate.

Ghostly Graveyard Craft for Children – Complete with restless ghosts and headstones, this mini cemetery is big on Halloween spirit. The trees are made from tree branches. How to Make a Twig Planter Craft Idea – A twig planter can add a rustic element to your home. Here’s how to make one quickly and easily from twigs, sticks, or branches. How To Make A God’s Eye Weave A Fun Craft Project For Kids – These are easy and fun to make and are a great craft to share with your children.

Little Log Cabin Craft for Kids – You can make this wonderful twig house using a cardboard box, twigs, and hot glue. This is a really wonderful project that makes a small log cabin that you can play with for years. Make Your Own Stick Star Ornaments – Learn how to make your very own Make Your Own Stick Star Ornaments for Christmas or whatever. Make them from sticks, twigs, or tree branches. Melty the Snowman Craft Ideas for Kids – This whimsical windowsill decoration serves as a sign of spring no matter what climate you live in. Use twigs, sticks, or tree branches for the snowman’s arms. Native American Talking Stick Craft – Use a talking stick to keep order in your group meeting.

Native American Rattle Craft from Nature – You can make a simple yet beautiful Native American rattle from a twig, yarn and beads. When you shake it, it makes a rattling sound. Native American Owner Stick Craft Idea – When Native American families gathered firewood or food, they marked the pile they had collected with an owner stick or possession stick. Crafts Idea for Children – Isn’t this snowman gorgeous? Enjoy this easy winter snowman craft with your kids. Peanut Pals Craft Ideas for Kids – Here’s a group of characters your kids will go nutty over. This craft is made with peanuts, sticks, twigs, or tree branches, along with other materials.

Safety Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids

Personalized Nature Pals Craft Ideas for Kids – This take on a classic camp craft inspires your family members to create versions of themselves with natural treasures from your own backyard such as sticks, twigs, and tree branches. Pinecone Carolers Christmas Craft for Kids – These small-scale singers are poised to echo their joyous strains this holiday season. Pinecone Turkey Figure Nature Craft for Kids – A pleasant nature walk is all you need to gather supplies for this pinecone turkey figure. You’ll find plenty of dead tree branches, twigs, and sticks out on your walk.

Repurposed Sock Owls Perching on a Stick – OMG, these are so cute! All you need are a stick, socks, rice, buttons, and a few other items. Rock Bugs Nature Crafts Idea for Kids – It’s easy to watch bugs all day long — especially when you make them yourself. Rudolph Table Topper Christmas Craft for Kids – This reindeer’s nose isn’t his only noteworthy feature. His tree branch antlers also make a festive display rack for hanging your Christmas ornaments. Rustic Frame with Sticks Craft – Gather sticks and twigs from your backyard or a walk in the woods.

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Sand Casted Starfish – Use some sand, twigs, plaster of paris, and some other items such as shells to make these casted starfish designs. Seashell Sailboat Natural Craft Ideas – This mini craft takes only a minute or two to assemble, and it’s just right for launching in a kiddie pool or bathtub. Snowman Ornament Christmas Craft – These snowman ornaments are so cute and very easy to make. Provide a variety of colors and patterned fabrics as well as different colored supplies to make each snowman unique! Soapy Snowmen Winter Crafts Idea – Squish, roll, and stick together a festive snowman family. The arms are made from sticks, twigs, or tree branches.

Spaceship or Alien Flag Craft for Kids – Transform an old bed sheet into a flag and rule over your campsite with this Spaceship or Alien Flag craft for kids. It’s out of this world with a fallen tree branch, sticks, or twigs. Stick Fish Craft for Kids – This is a simple, inexpensive craft. A glue gun works better than liquid glue and for that reason adult assistance will be required.

Adults should select sticks about the width of an adult’s little finger and about 6 to 8 inches long. Stick ‘n Stones Journal Crafts Idea – DIY Crafts host Vicki Payne explains how to dress up a purchased notebook journal, using twigs and stones. Stick Santas Christmas Craft – Create a cute Christmas craft with stick Santas. You can get kids involved right away by taking them out to hunt for small fallen branches and sticks to paint their masterpieces on. Stick Hats Nature Craft for Children – Make this whimsical woodsy hat with materials from outside and in such as sticks, twigs, or branches.

Safety Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids

Stone-faced Pumpkins Halloween Craft Idea for Kids – Looking for a rock-solid decorating idea to charm your visitors this year? Try lining up a windowsill collection of these mini stone jack-o’-lanterns. Sweet Gum Pod Mouse Nature Craft – Combine nature and crafts with this sweet gum pod mouse ornament. It’s a good craft to do with Cub Scouts and Brownies especially for Earth Day. You can make a wonderful model tepee using a brown paper grocery bag and twigs, sticks, and old branches. Terrific Twig Trivet Tree Crafts for Kids – If you want to make a special gift, a terrific twig trivet is a great choice. Thankful Tree Craft for Thanksgiving – Let your family put their gratitude on display with a classic tree of thanks.

Your kids can set up the tree ahead of time, then leave out the materials for guests. Tree Branch Earring Tree Nature Craft – Here’s a fun craft for teenage girls. Perfect for a slumber party project! Tree of Thanks Craft for Children – This charming centerpiece will be the talk of your holiday dinner table. If you have a small gathering, use a smaller branch, if you need more room, make more than one!

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Twiggy Christmas Trees in July – These Xmas trees are made with gatthered up twigs and sticksa fun craft to do in July that can be hung up any time of year. Twig Easel Craft for Kids – This tiny wooden easel is made from twigs – the picture is drawn on cardboard that is framed by twigs, sticks or pieces of a tree branch found from nature. Twig Fairy Craft for Kids – Make your twig fairy with one long stick as the body, and smaller sticks as the arms and legs. Use the playdough to stick them together. Twig Frame Craft from Nature – A simple-to-make rustic picture frame made from twigs or sticks or pieces of a tree branch. How to Make a Sail Boat or Raft from Twigs – Here is a craft tutorial video from Parents magazineraft made from twigs and some colorful felt for a sail.

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Felt Arrows – Learn how to make these Valentine’s Day Cupid arrows with felt and twigs from your backyard. Walking Stick Bug Craft for Kids – Transform a twig into an interesting insect. Waste Branches – Rose on Branches Craft Ideas – This is something very interesting to try out. We ignore waste materials, but just invest sometime to think on any creative things that you couls make out of waste. Here is something that I did try. Internet for children around the world. If you’re looking for a specific topic then head straight to our topic section.

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