Suspects abandon injured passenger following police pursuit and crash, say police

Suspects abandon injured passenger following police pursuit and crash, say police

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Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. Copyright 2000 – 2017 Fox Suspects abandon injured passenger following police pursuit and crash, say police Stations, LLC. Please forward this error screen to 81.

This Saturday, April 21, 2018, photo provided by the Office of former U. Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya speaks during an interview with The Associated Press in Moscow, Russia, Sunday, April 22, 2018. Police tape blocks off a Waffle House restaurant Sunday, April 22, 2018, in Nashville, Tenn. Young men taking selfies atop the ruins of Nebi Yunus shrine in east Mosul, Iraq, after it was liberated from the Islamic State in February. Odette Sansom on holiday in Hampshire. Pallbearers escort the casket of former first lady Barbara Bush after funeral services at St.

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Police are still looking for the man who killed four people at a Waffle House. House Speaker Paul Ryan speaks in Washington, D. Robert Mueller was a United States attorney in 1996. South Korean soldiers with loudspeakers in the Demilitarized Zone between the two Koreas in 2004. North Koreans who were travelling in a bus, stop at the side of a highway for a break in Koksan county in North Hwanghae province, North Korea.

Afghan men inspect the site of a suicide bomb blast in Kabul, Afghanistan April 22, 2018. Smog hangs over the valley below Zar Mountain, in southern Poland, where most villagers burn coal for heat in winter. An AR-15 rifle with an attached silencer lies on the floor at a gun range at the NRA headquarters, in Fairfax, Va. Students march from the White House to the U. Phillip was killed on March 23. 11 Empty Sky memorial at sunrise in Liberty State Park in Jersey City, N. Malcolm Turnbull says the election contest will be “very close” after the latest Newspoll showed his government was gaining ground on Labor.

Former CEO of UK based department store ‘House of Fraser’ has been appointed as the new CEO of struggling retailer Myer. A man is dead and a woman has been taken into custody after a stabbing on Macleay Island in the Redlands. NRL: Michael Ennis says every coach in the NRL would want a Sam Burgess on their team, despite the South Sydney star’s growing suspension toll. The Fijian government has tried to cover up an outbreak of Meningococcal disease in a bid to prevent a loss of Australian tourists visiting the holiday destination. Bono honoured by former US President George W. Paris jackson Take Coachella Fashion To The Streets! Why True Thompson Does NOT Have A Middle Name?

Kanye West UNVEILS New Torture Device! Tristan Thompson ABANDONS Khloe Kardashian In Cleveland! Kendall Jenner VERY Hungover After Kourtney Kardashian’s Birthday Bash! Cardi B STRUGGLES With Pregnancy: Will She Be Able To Perform Coachella Week 2? EDM DJ Avicii Found DEAD At 28! Which Female Rapper Is The REALEST?

Cardi B, Nicki Minaj Or BHAD BHABIE? Kardashian’s PARTY For Khloe Kardashian BDay! Kendall Jenner and Blake Back On! Kardashian Clan Gets WILD For Kourtney’s Birthday Party Celebration! Niall Horan Turns To THIS Playboy To Help His Relationship WIth Hailee Steinfeld! Bundle of Joyce: Barnaby’s baby is here!

Should Cannabis be legal in Australia? How About a Slightly Smart Phone? Is Gene Editing the Future of Farming? Where did they get all these ‘Real Bodies’? Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. This information is taken from the pages of THE TV COLLECTOR, which also has dates and actors for each episode. The star ratings are by Gary Goltz.

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Even the 1-star episodes have some “camp value” ! The Ziv subsidiary Economee Films re-ran the series with the title “Ten-4” ! See this article by Hal Erickson. A hardened criminal, whose personality belies his viciousness, escapes from prison, killing a guard. Dan Mathews swings into action, and as the man commits one ruthless act after another to break through the trap closing in on him, it becomes apparent that there’s almost a personal conflict between the two men – that ends only when they meet face to face in the final scene.

An expensive, giant computer, one of the twentieth century wonders, which does a tremendous amount of administrative work in just hours, is ingeniously ‘kidnapped’ from an electronics company by two men. 100,000 from his bank at two o’clock the next day and wait for instructions. A helicopter chase helps Dan stop the men from collecting the ransom or getting away. Systematic traffic checks and increased patrols begin on a high accident freeway. Hoping to determine causes and cures, Dan questions drivers who get too many citations there.

Pilot of Southwest flight with blown engine was Navy fighter new

One man refuses to accept Dan’s safety philosophy. When his license is suspended, his wife drives him to an important business meeting. En route, her eyeglasses break and he takes over at the wheel. An uninvolved man happens to be in the company of two brothers who hold up a diner and kill its owner.

Fearing the police and terrified of the vengeance he may expect from the criminals, he flees. As Dan searches for him, one man winds up dead, two critically wounded, and the man who a few short hours ago was an average law-abiding citizen is harried to the point where he is willing to shoot it cut with the police – until Dan manages to show the error of his ways. A sheriff asks Dan’s help with an illegal gambling house that has defied all his efforts to close down. Dan’s raiding party is a surprise, but the club is so smoothly run that they get no evidence. There are two doors that stall the raid long enough for the gambling equipment to be hidden.

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Dan sees to it that he and his sergeant are in control of those doors during the next raid, which closes the place down. A man picks up a hitchhiking migrant worker, hits him with a tire iron, plants false ID on him, and wrecks the car to make his death appear acccidental. When the doctor’s report indicates murder, Dan finds five similar “accidents” and suspects insurance fraud. After following several blind leads, he traces the insurance payoffs to a single address- a rural store, the unofficial post office for migrant workers. In this mystery story, on an inspection tour of outlying patrol stations, Dan stops for breakfast in a tiny, isolated town. But he can’t get served because the restaurant’s stove just conked out, a second diner closes as he walks in, the general store’s closed, and nobody’s around.

His curiosity becomes suspicion when he comes upon an out-of-state car that checks out stolen. He discovers that the whole town is trying to cover up a crime. When police close in, he jettisons it, hoping to get it later. But he’s caught and he leads police to the spot where he cast it off. They learn that a junk scavenger found it and sold it to a junk dealer, who sold it to a ham radio operator, whose name he doesn’t know.

A farmer’s cooperative agent is reported missing while carrying a large sum of the firm’s money. Learning that he has a criminal record, Dan sets up roadblocks, assuming he’s still a thief. But he’s on the level, and has suffered a tire blowout and crashed. His efforts to prove his innocence are blocked by Dan’s persistent search for what appears to be a dangerous criminal. At the last momnt Dan takes a heavy personal and professional risk to let the man prove he’s straight.

Stopped for speeding, a young man panics and accidentally runs down the patrolman who had grown suspicious at seeing a lot of automobile accessories in the car. He drives the officer to the hospital, saving his life and earning Dan’s sympathy. Dan is later shocked when the car is linked to a number of recent thefts of automotive goods. Tom Betts was played by Frank Gerstle. After surviving a sniper’s attack, explosives placed in a truckload of alfalfa, and a bomb sent by mail, they set up airtight precautions. When a car breaks through, the mobsters are captured in a resulting gunfight. A businesslike protection man is running what seems to be a legitimate maintenance service.

His men cause trucks to break down on the highway, then he moves in to offer his servicing, which will prevent further “accidents”. His plan is actually beneficial to the harassed truckers, who have no reason to suspect he’s causing their accidents. An anonymous caller tells Dan that mobster Johnny Barr is planning to kill an important man. Deducing that the caller is an accountant who is making some legitimate investments with Barr’s money, Dan bugs his office, and learns that the intended victim is a senator who is preparing a crime commission, with Barr his principal target. Unwilling to arrest Barr on a weak conspiracy charge, Dan wants him for attempted murder. NOTES: Emil Sitka appears, who was in many Three Stooges shorts.

Dan learns that heroin is being smuggled into the area in a unique way – under the hubcaps of innocent people’s cars. When they reach their destination, the dope is collected by local pushers. Efforts to trace the heroin back to its source lead Dan to a fashionable resort hotel. His undercover work there fails, and Dan must use less subtle methods – including a fast bout with a can opener- to get the evidence that incriminates and deactivates the dope ring.


At his wife’s insistence, a bank messenger steals a large sum of money. Arriving home earlier than expected, he overhears her planning to double-cross him and run off with another man. Confronting them, he is slugged, and flees. Picked up by the Highway Patrol for driving erratically, he is sent to a hospital, where he lies comatose. Dan learns that he had plans to leave the country, indicating he stole the money. In their remote mountain cabin, a couple finds an injured man – feverish, hungry, and armed. The woman tends to him while her husband notifies the ranger, who radios the Highway Patrol.

The frightened young hoodlum is running away from a murder he did not commit. Dan helicopters to the area and finds that the panicky man has overpowered the woman, wounded the man, and fled. Dan is called to arrest Taylor, identified by an elderly motel owner as her assailant, who tried to force her to say where her fortune is hidden. A lie detector test shows he’s innocent.

The woman submits to a test, which shows that she’s being truthful. While he’s out on bail, the woman is convinced by her nephew, Henry, to put her mney in the bank. Officer Mark Reynolds comes face to face on the highway with his brother Bill, an escaped criminal, who overpowers him and flees. Mark has the chance to shoot him down but he can’t do it. Utterly dejected, he doesn’t report the incident, but resigns. Dan can’t understand one of his best men quitting, and checks with his wife, who knows nothing. At the house he meets Mark’s semi-invalid father, who believes Bill is a dead war hero.

Did a Violin Teacher From Plano, Texas Solve the World’s Greatest Classical Music Mystery?

When three bandits rob a bank in a srmll coastal town and shoot a bystander, Dan orders roadblocks that seem sure to cut off every route of escape. Anticipating roadblocks, the trio headed for the beach dressed as fishermen in a well-organized plan. When a launch comes to take them down the coast, they assault a skin-diver and leave him for dead to conceal their escape. NOTES: Here are vidcaps of the episode featuring Guy Williams. After a serious argument with her husband over her mother’s running their lives, an emotional, weak-willed woman drives in tears to her mother’s farm, negligently hits a pedestrian, and flees. Her husband gives her an alibi to save her from a breakdown. While Dan is investigating, her mother falsely confesses to the accident.

From a shoeprint at the scene , Dan deduces that her daughter is the one he wants. 800 for a ’55 Ford Thunderbird as salvage, then failed to call for it. Dan uncovers an elaborate stolen car racket. The criminals buy late model wrecks for their licenses and registrations, then steal identical model vehicles, repaint them, and switch the plates.

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Dan ultimately apprehends the ringleader – after one man is dead and another critically injured in a murder plot. An electrical engineer is obsessed over losing his job at a chemical company. Convinced that he was victimized, he uses stolen explosives to convert his car into a giant bomb and heads for the city to blow up the building. Dan learns of this suicidal mission at the last moment.

Finally, with all units at roadblocks, which the man has bypassed, Dan finds himself the last unit between the careening four-wheeled bomb and the city. Patrolling a desolate section of thick forest, a ranger calls HP when he sees a small plane making what looks like a forced landing. Dan arrives to find the plane empty and no sign of the ranger. Then they find his murdered body nearby.

The plane’s registration shows its owner to be a racketeer who took off from the city that morning with his wife and a private pilot. Here are vidcaps of the episode featuring Guy Williams. As Warren, a snooth con man wanted for murder, speeds toward the desert, Dan releases his description to radio stations, and a gas station attendant calls in a tip. Knowing Warren’s mind, Dan reasons that he will head out of the state on one of the desert’s roads. Hearing his and his car ‘s descriptions on the air, Warren changes clothes and ingratiates himself with two college professors fossil hunting. 2003: Bob Gilbreath was the main helicopter pilot.

He is also the guy making the transfer from the copter to the truck. It was this episode that led Herb Strock to to write a letter to the Screen Actors Guild to get Bob a membership card. When a duplicate armored truck is used to stage one of the most daring robberies on record, Dan throws all his resources into action to track it down. Lab analysis shows it was constructed by auto expert Walt Burns, who has disappeared. While the HP is scouring the area for him, he is murdered by his partner, Denson.

Dan’s men try to follow a tail-wise robber just released after serving time for a half million dollar armored car theft, who heads to the Smokey Hills to get his loot from its hiding place. Dan has strategically placed units on the route that lies ahead of the man’s car, and his men report the ex-con’s direction fron concealed positions. And an ultra-hiqh-frequency transmitter has been planted on his car so that his progress can be triangulated by HP radio stations. NOTES: Carson was played by Gary Roark . Eight months earlier, a tiny town was raided and ransacked by a renegade motorcycle club. The damage was high and Bernie Sills’ wife was crippled.

19 Two Sides to the Zoo

The town is still bitter when two members of an accredited cycle club stop there for something to eat. Sills orders them out at gunpoint and a fight ensues. The pursuing patrolman is killed in an accident caused by a truck driver failing to stop at an intersection. NOTES: Clint Eastwood plays one of the members of the accredited cycle club. Bernie Sills was played by Jack Edwards. A farmer is found beaten to death. Dan learns that a mental patient has escaped from the state hospital and has been seen in the area of the murder.

The Highway Patrol feels it has an insane killer on the loose, and the man flees initial roadblocks as evidence builds against him. Local hysteria grows until Dan actually finds himself forced to protect the suspected killer. In the final scenes, his policy of not jumping to conclusions pays off. NOTES: Gene Roddenberry used Robert Wesley as a pseudonym. Clarence the mental patient was played by Tony George.

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Lucy Clifford was played by Riza Royce. Milo Hobson was played by Frank Fenton. A very unpredictable bank robber is used to having things his own way. He operates with no pattern, and his nondescript looks make it hard for anyone to identify him. His polite robberies hit a snag when an alert little boy memorizes his getaway car’s license plate number. HP gets its final break when Dan plays a hunch, and the clever, smooth-talking robber talks his way into prison. 28,000, fleeing wounded in a gray convertible after a shootout with a guard.

Engine trouble forces him to abandon the car and he hitches a ride with a man who is also, coincidentally, in a gray convertible of the same make. With his gun he makes his power known to the driver who grabs it in a struggle. A fugitive gunman has hijacked a woman and her car. When they run out of gas, they wander unwittingly into an area that the HP has just cleared for blasting – the first step in building a state flood basin. Cruising the danger zone in the copter, Dan flushes out the gunman after the signal okaying the blast has been given. In a futile attempt to escape, the gunman knocks out the copter’s radio, leaving Dan no way to postpone the explosion.

While inspecting outlying patrol stations, Dan is thrown headlong into a terrifying situation – and a race against time. When Dan arranges for his men to race anti-toxin to the near-dead boy, another complication occurs: the serum is lost. An officer’s patrol car is found abandoned on a country road. Dan finds that he was killed by two men engaged in a stolen car racket, and that the officer had been pursued by a car that had been repainted. The car belongs to a woman who denies knowledge of it, but later admits that she lent it to a friend. After convincing her that the guy’s a crook, Dan uses her as unguarded bait to trap him.