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Check out the browser extension in the Firefox Add-ons Store. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-192186198130. For the proposed memorial to the Adams family, see Adams Memorial. The Adams Memorial is a grave marker located in Section E of Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, D.

Saint-Gaudens’s name for the bronze figure is The Mystery of the Hereafter and The Peace of God that Passeth Understanding, but the public commonly called it Grief—an appellation that Henry Adams apparently disliked. Do not allow the world to tag my figure with a name! Every magazine writer wants to label it as some American patent medicine for popular consumption—Grief, Despair, Pear’s Soap, or Macy’s Mens’ Suits Made to Measure. In his The Education Henry Adams reflects on the statue and its interpreters: “His first step, on returning to Washington, took him out to the cemetery known as Rock Creek, to see the bronze figure which St.

Gaudens had made for him in his absence. He supposed its meaning to be the one commonplace about it – the oldest idea known to human thought. At the time of Saint-Gaudens’s death, the statue was well known as an important work of American sculpture. Its popularity inspired at least one prominent copy, the Black Aggie, which was sold to General Felix Agnus for his gravesite. An informative and engaging study of the memorial and the relationship between Clover and Henry Adams is Clover: The Tragic Love Story of Clover and Henry Adams and Their Brilliant Life in America’s Gilded Age by historian Otto Friedrich. On March 16, 1972, the Adams Memorial was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Great Wave: Gilded Age Misfits, Japanese Eccentrics, and the Opening of Old Japan. The Smithsonian Institution Office of Architectural History and Historic Preservation. Adams, who said his own name for it was “The Peace of God,” stated that “The whole meaning and feeling of the figure is in its universality and anonymity. Adams, Henry, The Education of Henry Adams, Chapter XXI, Massachusetts Historical Society, 1918.

Casting Shadows: The Adams Memorial and Its Doubles”. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Adams Memorial. List of National Historic Landmarks in Washington, D. National Register of Historic Places in Washington, D.

Rember You

Monuments and memorials on the National Register of Historic Places in Washington, D. This page was last edited on 5 April 2018, at 08:13. Please forward this error screen to 69. SCP-086 – The Office of Dr. SCP-102 – Property of Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.

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Log Of Anomalous Items – For those objects that are not quite an SCP but are still abnormal in some way. Feel free to add to it, but be aware that it is regularly pruned. Log of Extranormal Events – For when things happen which are unexplained, but occurred too briefly or quickly for the Foundation to contain them. Below, you can find recreations of each Series list which include all on-site works that star, reference, or otherwise include individual SCPs, slotted conveniently beneath each entry for your reading pleasure.

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L’appareil à sténopé se présente donc sous la forme d’une boîte noire, mate à l’intérieur et percée d’un petit trou. Sur la surface opposée se forme une image inversée comme dans l’œil. Le trou du sténopé est minuscule et permet donc une grande profondeur de champ, mais le temps nécessaire pour impressionner la surface photosensible est très long. La première formule pour déterminer le diamètre du trou fut énoncée par l’autrichien Joseph Petzval en 1857.

Le futur prix Nobel, John William Strutt Rayleigh établira une formule dans les années 1880 en travaillant sur les télescopes. Par extension, on appelle ainsi l’appareil photographique utilisant un tel dispositif. Léonard de Vinci explique aussi le principe de la chambre noire en 1514. Il a été accusé de sorcellerie. Les rayons lumineux peuvent alors être focalisés, concentrés. 1891 par le lithographe américain James Pennell.

Elle a été depuis largement fondée. Les travaux d’Hockney ont été critiqués par Ross Woodrow de l’Université de Newcastle en Australie. Actuellement, bien que proposées aussi dans certains traités de peinture, les techniques photographiques et de projection sont toujours tabou. Cependant, s’il ne fait guère de doute que Vermeer ait utilisé une camera obscura, il ne faut pas perdre de vue que, comme le dit Hockney, ce n’est pas elle qui dessine mais la main de l’artiste.

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Daniell utilisèrent la camera obscura en Inde pour la précision de leurs croquis, aquarelles et gravures. Elle fut brevetée en 1806 par William H. La chambre claire effectue avec un prisme une superposition optique du sujet à dessiner et de la surface où doit être reporté le dessin. L’artiste place des points clés du sujet à reproduire, ou même ses grandes lignes avec un crayon blanc sur papier noir.

La perspective est reproduite de façon parfaite, sans construction. La chambre noire de  Nicéphore Niépce est mise au point en 1820. Louis Daguerre va travailler par la suite avec lui, essentiellement sur le plan des relations publiques et industrielles, mais l’inventeur novateur est Niépce. Avec le bitume de Judée et la plaque d’argent, nous abordons par la suite un chapitre essentiel : l’enregistrement de l’image photographique. Cette petite histoire de la photo n’est pas exhaustive : de nombreuses inventions et acteurs ont participé aux améliorations qui se sont succédées. Les autres pages du blog sont dans les entrées anciennes, au bas de cette page.

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LOVE Park, signs a skateboard on the first day of summer, 2005. Watch a short film featuring Robert Indiana, who created the LOVE sculpture. 1960s at the eastern end of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and across from City Hall. In the late 1980s, by an accident of history, young people discovered that the park’s curving stairs and ledges were perfect for skateboarding. LOVE Park is a celebrated venue for Street Skateboarding, a popular form of the sport that uses natural urban features, rather than manufactured ramps. Because of LOVE Park, Philadelphia was home to some of the world’s top skateboarding professionals, and was the centerpiece of ESPN’s X Games, making Philadelphia the only city to hold the Games twice in a row. The City’s 2002 enforcement of the ban on skateboarding in LOVE Park dealt a major blow to Philadelphia’s ability to position itself as a magnet for youth and the creative economy, in the context of its ongoing urban renaissance.

The young, hip, and connected demographic that Philadelphia seeks to attract saw LOVE Park as an icon of its culture, and the City’s stance as an indicator of its position toward youth and progress. In the interest of developing a compromise solution, in the summer of 2004, a coalition of civic organizations lobbied the City to ease its prohibition on skateboarding in LOVE Park. Balanced Solution” to address the concerns of many different park users while returning skating to LOVE Park on a limited basis. The Balanced Solution won wide support from many of Philadelphia’s leading citizen voices and organizations including: The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Philadelphia Daily News, Council Majority Leader Jannie Blackwell, City Council Parks and Recreation Committee Chairwoman Blondell Reynolds-Brown, then-City Controller Jonathan Saidel, former City Planning Director Edmund N. Bacon, the park’s architect Vincent G. FOLP obtained 10,000 signatures in support of the Balanced Solution, from 40 countries across the globe. 1,000,000 in contributions to fund the initial renovations and activities of the organization.

It was a strong plan, with vast support, creating a compromise to benefit the civic good and the City’s future. However, the Mayor’s office rejected the plan. Philadelphia still awaits a foresighted mayor and City Council to re-shape the course of history and bring skateboarding back to LOVE Park! 2003-2012 by the Independence Hall Association, electronically publishing as ushistory. The IHA is a nonprofit organization in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, founded in 1942. On the Internet since July 4, 1995. As seen on Jeopardy Seen on the television game show “Jeopardy,” November 16 2016: Michael Hart and Project Gutenberg were the answers!

Anniversary of Michael Hart’s death On September 6, 2011, the founder of Project Gutenberg died. Project Gutenberg is 45 years old! Distributed Proofreaders celebrates its 15th Anniversary and digitizes 30,000th public domain book. 15th Anniversary and the digitization of its 30,000th unique public domain e-book. Project Hart is a nonprofit created in the legacy of Michael Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg. Our mission is to make ebooks accessible for everyone.

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