Tips Corner: Creating Opportunities for Spontaneous and Functional Communication

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Please forward this error screen to 67. While Tom cogitates, he works through the initial concepts of his books in short bursts. You can find the resultant monographs here, as tips Corner: Creating Opportunities for Spontaneous and Functional Communication as pieces that have not yet been included in a book. These provocative ideas are available as absolutely free PDFs.

Download, discuss, dissect, and disseminate to your heart’s content. Tom produced THE WORKS—a monster-PDF encompassing every one of his important themes. Tom assembled all the best quotes from those he’s collected over his half-century career. Get ideas from the wisdom of all the best thinkers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Tom’s proposal that MBA be changed from Master of Business Administration to Master of Business Arts. In the act of a little brushcutting on the farm in Vermont, Tom discovered that the plan revealed itself as he worked. The realization led him to compose this ode to spontaneous discovery, with a nod to F.

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Tom encourages you to leave the systems thinking behind, get out in the real world, and do things. He calls the message herein “the centerpiece and soul of my life’s work to this day. PAI Summary: A TEN-POINT “NO OPTION” MANIFESTO: RE-IMAGINE. Tom wrote this manifesto as a summary of his talk to PAI Market Partners in the Dominican Republic. As is his habit, he added, revised, and made the piece applicable to all.

Tips Corner: Creating Opportunities for Spontaneous and Functional Communication

The result is a call to innovation, differentiation, and keeping up with accelerating change. Its message is important to enterprises of one employee to thousands. Starting with conversations collected from Twitter—what he calls tweetstreams—Tom put together this manifesto with his take on how to thrive in these times of accelerating technological advances and economic growth with anemic accompanying job growth. Controlling your own career trajectory has never been more of an imperative for success.

We also offer individual chapters from “Excellence. Started as a Twitter exchange, this piece is Tom’s exhortation to leaders and followers to pay respect to all with whom they come in contact in a day. He emphasizes the point with this favorite quote: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle. In October 2014, Tom spoke to the Project Management Institute.

Having such a group as an audience is an exciting opportunity for him. Of course, he produced this list of 42 must-do considerations to keep top-of-mind if you’re a project manager. How do you get things done? Start a prototype out of sight of the top brass and present it as something that works—already.

Tips Corner: Creating Opportunities for Spontaneous and Functional Communication

This is Appendix One in “Excellence. Tom tells us that it’s the way he completed the work that led to In Search of Excellence, effectively putting him on the path he has followed for the rest of his career. VP Gore’s re-inventing government program, dug up a paper of mine which he plans to use in his current professorial job. At any rate, we’re attaching here the paper of mine that Bob’s using. The paper is argued via 11 case studies from every setting imaginable. This manifesto is a reminder of what your business is really made of and where the profits really come from.

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In this exposition of his views on leadership, Tom offers a set of standards on which all leaders should grade themelves. First and foremost, they assemble and then develop a topflight team of people. Use the self-assessment to determine if you focus effectively on your people. Tom has given more than 2,500 speeches in the last 30 years. He knows what it’s like to face a crowd, whether it be friendly or skeptical. While he has offered pointers here and there, he’s never written at length about speaking until now.

Whether you give speeches for a living or on occasion, and even if you don’t but you want to understand what makes a great speaker, download this by clicking on the title above. As is his wont, Tom has fiddled with and combined his last three manifestos, continually improving his work. He describes the process as a re-education. On the first day of 2013, he posted this text to present his conclusions in brief, and it’s provided along with an even briefer summary. Tom started musing on the topic, in writing, of course.

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The result is this manifesto that demands a focus on possibly business’s most important asset—the people. Making it imperative that the best and brightest be lured into teaching. Cold War collection that is here because it is the ultimate study of leadership with consequences amidst uncertainty and ambiguity. A few others touch on decision-making and the typically faulty interpretation of cause and effect—and the power of being wrong.

The genesis was my speech in Tel Aviv a couple of weeks ago. When I got home, I was determined to boil it down to one page. Which was fun—but one hell of a struggle. Well, though I had to resort to 8-point type, I made it! Tom argues that acknowledgement may be the most important gesture one person can make to another.

Letting someone know he matters, that her effort was noticed and appreciated, may be the greatest gift a person can bestow on another. And in a leader’s everyday performance, acknowledgement of workers’ efforts is crucial. We need to do everything differently. On one page, he presents his list of the unchanging basics. Still in use and relevant to this day, the 7-S Model contains the beginnings of many ideas Tom has expanded on since its inception.


In a month, as I write, I’ll be 68. As one does look back, there is a certain class of memories that stand out. The X2: EXCELLENCE in Cross-functional Communication and Integration. Its benefits are not limited to the retail industry. This started as a couple of Tweets.

Tom has been developing this Credo for a time. Principles for doing business well and profitably’? Our job as leaders—the alpha and the omega and everything in between—is abetting the sustained growth and success and engagement and enthusiasm and commitment to Excellence of those, one at a time, who directly or indirectly serve the ultimate customer. Joy Stauber worked her magic on the design of this piece.

He goes on to explain his every-department-a-PSF theory and why you shouldn’t let your competition rule your life, but at the same time never denigrate them. If this seems contradictory, you might want to download the PDF! Thanks to Joy Stauber for the beautiful design of this manifesto. Clever Strategies’ For Dealing with the Recession of 2008-XXXX. At only two pages long, it is a tidy, handy list of counterintuitive thoughts on handling the current financial downturn. A speech in New Delhi co-sponsored by the American Society for Quality led me to concoct this list.

Excellence: The Quality 136—One Hundred Thirty-six Random Thoughts on Quality, Emphasizing the Elements That Are Often Missing in Conventional Quality Programs. We usually think of business strategy as some sort of aspirational market positioning statement. Hence I offer 48 pieces of advice for creating a winning strategy that is inherently sustainable. We suggest you print this one-pager, post it on the wall above your desk, and remind yourself of these 57 basics frequently, if not daily. Recession or no recession, deep recession or not, the challenge to add more and more value grows, and the importance of innovation, and a culture of innovation, grows exponentially.

Of course you can’t do all of them. Excellence for the Rest of Us: A Book for Real People, Working in the Real World in 2008. By that phrase, they are referring to the people things, the soft stuff that’s more difficult than the numbers game of business. We’re re-issuing this column as a holiday offering from tompeters.

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Tom wrote it once upon a time for his column syndicated by the Chicago Tribune, but we think its lessons are timeless. Napoleon to the man in the moon. He contends that you should, instead, put some effort to the tasks on his list. In his estimation, they’re important to the short- and long-term health of any enterprise, big or small. If so, the mapping will become a secondary issue. 25 years from now to your grandkids. Or Not Get Out of Bed.

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As the 25th birthday of In Search of Excellence approaches, Tom has been pondering what the practice of management is all about—good, bad, or indifferent. He concluded that entrepreneurial capitalism is the strongest force possible for unleashing human potential, and that it depends upon the effective practice of management. Effective management is management that delivers more value to customers and more opportunity for service, creativity, and growth to workers. The decent thing to do is also the smart thing. That is, effective management is humanistic management.

This is the second half of the Success Tips series. First posted as irregularly scheduled blog entries, these tips led eventually to Tom’s book The Little BIG Things. At the request of a member of our community, we produced this collection, in which you can find the origins of his book. He asks you to send the PDF to ten colleagues-friends today. Download it below, and find its relevance to your life today.

Don’t miss the challenge at the end. On 24 January 2006, Tom spoke to a group at GE Energy, and he posted seven PPTs and two PDFs for the occasion. The world is too fluid for certainties. Tom was inspired to write this collection.

Quotes to live by in 2006. He offers them to you to adopt if you wish, also. Pick one or two, or use them all. He pondered it for weeks and gave us his list of what he considered important accomplishments for his past year. In the face of outsourcing, automating, downsizing, and all the other possible assaults on your position, Tom gives you tips on turning your company, your department, yourself into a Professional Service Firm—doing work that makes a difference.

1 This is the first half of a work in progress. Tom set out to post 100 success tips on the tompeters. This Microsoft Word file includes every post Tom wrote for the tompeters. It’s a searchable, printable reference for easy reading of Tom’s posts. Tom presents 20 hard truths about the inevitabilities, pitfalls, and matchless opportunities arising as off-shoring, automation, and technology permanently change how we do business in the world. 60 thoughts, one for each year, that captured his professional and, to some extent, personal journey.

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Freedom of speech is Tom’s foremost passion. Visiting Buenos Aires during the time of the Disappeareds, he was struck by a jarring realization that the only thing preventing similar government-sponsored crimes in the U. The right to free speech is precious. Find out everything Tom knows about how to achieve Excellence.

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