What can I expect as a kindergarten teacher?

What can I expect as a kindergarten teacher?

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What can I expect as a kindergarten teacher? that can not handle javascript will not be able to access some features of this site. See what skills your child should have at the beginning — and by the end — of the school year. Kindergarten is an exciting time of exploration for your child.

As her motor coordination increases, so too will her sense of independence, self-reliance, and self-confidence. You may want to review this list and see if there is anything else you would like to teach your child before those first days of school. Don’t panic if your child hasn’t nailed everything on the list — she’ll learn a lot in kindergarten. What’s more important is to wean her from relying on you to do things she could do herself, such as zipping her jacket or tying her shoes.

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Give her the chance to show you what she can do — you might be in for a few surprises! Although the curriculum may vary from school to school, general goals focus on children building strong pre-reading skills, practicing letter formation, enhancing listening and communication skills, getting an introduction to basic math concepts, and acquiring an active interest in the world. Get kids learning with these fun, themed activities! Nutritious breakfast and snack recipes—with food activities for kids! Reinforce your child’s time telling skills with this award-winning mobile app! Get expert advice on reading, homework help, learning activities, and more. Writing has always been one of my favorite subjects to teach but for sure not the easiest!

What can I expect as a kindergarten teacher?

What can I expect as a kindergarten teacher?

My first couple of years in the classroom I was constantly changing my kindergarten writing approach due to the above mentioned lack luster big box writing program. One day I would give them a sentence starter. I knew that there was something I had to change! You will not need to rewrite these lesson plans, unless you choose do. If so I have included editable lesson plans. Each unit has a focus standard that is based upon the Common Core Standards. Units further into the year will have more than one focus standard.

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If you teach to a varying set of standards, you can email me for assistance. How do you hold your PENCIL? Can you write a story through a PICTURE? It was my mission with my writing curriculum to tackle all of those very important steps in the writing process.

Let’s get started with Unit 1: Writing With Pictures. This unit is all about setting the kiddos up for success! They might worry if their words are spelled correctly or if their pictures are perfect! In unit 1, we introduce students to writing using illustrations! This is big, big, big especially for those lower kiddos! We want them to and NEED them to LOVE writing.

Lesson 11: What is a Label? I recently had a Facebook live all about Unit 1! You can listen into that video below! If the video doesn’t load, you can access it HERE! If you enjoyed this video please be sure to join in our Facebook group as I’ll be doing one for each new unit! I have organized my units into a plastic tote! Each unit has a folder in the tote!

The mentor texts will be used over the two weeks and sometimes used more than once! All of my units utilize mentor texts! There is just something about showing students about the writing process through literature. Also in the folder is the unit spiral bound lessons, unit posters and the student mini poster rings!

Each unit contains 20 lessons and the lessons are displayed in an easy to read format! The plans include your needed materials, minilesson and ideas to expand your teaching during the share block! The student resource rings are perfect for the kiddos to keep in their pencil boxes! You can also use them back at your guided reading table! We teach this as a puzzle!

There are several writing posters included in the unit as well! These are great for displaying in the classroom! Each unit has its own custom rubrics to match! You have the student friendly version and the teacher version for assessments! Each unit the kids will work on setting their writing goal! Setting writing goals will allow students to feel part of the writing process and take ownership in their MASTERPIECES!

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The goals can be displayed in the classroom for the kids to see! In Unit 1, the students will be introduced to conferring and the purpose of it! Within the next unit the students will start the conferring process! Included in the unit is a conferring notebook and a variety of recording sheets for your choice! Conferring is another way for the students to see that you care about their writing therefore they should, too! For independent writing I have offered a variety of writing journals and writing paper! You can choose between landscaped and portrait style!

What can I expect as a kindergarten teacher?

I include lots and lots of styles so that you can decide what works best for your kiddos! The student resource rings go great for independent writing time! Unit 1 we also teach a explicit lesson on pencil grip! I offer a handy parent letter and poster for your classroom! If you have kiddos struggling with pencil grip, one of the first things you can try is changing their pencil! Students respond differently to the pencil sizes!

A couple other tricks for pencil grip are below! Up first is the pom pom trick! Have students grasp a pom pom with their pinky, ring and middle fingers! The next trick is the sock trick! You will cut out two small holes for the thumb and index fingers! The rest of the fingers will be tucked away nicely in the sock! Now let’s take a look at unit 2!

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In Unit 2 we start to introduce students to writing words and stringing some SIMPLE words together to make sentences! Lesson 14: Are You Really Done? If the video doesn’t load, you can access it HERE! If you enjoyed this video please be sure to join in our Facebook group as I’ll be doing one for each new unit! Unit 2 students will sort letters verses words!

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We will use the mentor text, The Alphabet Tree, and build words! We also learn about color words and using those in our stories! We also learn about capitalization and punctuation! Below is a look at the mentor texts from Unit 3! The big push in Unit 3 is to help those that struggle with generating their own witting topic each day! We want them to be confident in realizing that there are stories ALL AROUND US! We use included pictures to help students generate writing ideas.

We also teach them about using color as a writing inspiration! Well, the write about things they love, things they know, things they can do and things from the past! We work on STRETCHING those words! In unit 3, we become mechanics so we can work on all of those important skills, too! In each unit I supply you with a lot of learning posters to present to the kiddos! We can’t forget the rubrics in each unit!

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Units 4-9 are genre-based writing units! Narrative writing is a BIG DEAL in kindergarten! Narrative writing is most likely one of your state standards that will be covered during kinder. With our narrative writings I like to focus first on the idea of having an opening sentence, supporting details, and a closing sentence!

A Day in the Life of. I’ve included the template as a freebie down below! For this activity we also worked on the importance of transitional words! I went ahead and labeled each page with their transitional word for ease of writing! And additional personal narrative story booklets! After students completed one page of writing they could select a new paper to start a new piece. I stress a lot to the kids the importance of all the pages fitting for a book.

That they wouldn’t write about their favorite thing to do on one page and another page about a green monster. After a lesson on books we go to the ever so important author-ish lesson of planning our books page by page! Below you will see the kiddos meeting their their partners or writing helpers as they are discussing what they would put on each page of their books. I would throw that out there! Also, here is the story booklet we used for this lesson! You can grab yours for free below!

What can I expect as a kindergarten teacher?

Another class favorite for writing narratives is the grown and changed booklets! This gives the kiddos a chance to share how they have grown and changed! They can write a page about when they were a baby, a toddler and now a kindergarten student! You can download this freebie template below! Unit 4 is all about Narrative writing! In unit 4, we take take the kiddos through the entire Narrative writing process! Below is a look at the mentor texts for this unit!

You can see there are three specific to narrative writing and three for the mechanics focus! In Unit 4, we discuss all of the parts of a narrative story! Unit 4 posters to teach all of the important tasks! I love introducing the kiddos to the big word for our opinion writing, because! I always give a big hoopla over making sure we pronounce it correctly!

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Download the freebie opinion writing starters below! I equipped the kiddos with the word because to ensure they were backing up their opinions! We also write opinions on if we like the tooth fairy best or Santa Claus! Below students wrote their thoughts in the opinion graphic organizer!

What can I expect as a kindergarten teacher?

Another fun favorite is our book of opinions! This is also a freebie you can download below! Another great activity for opinion writing goes along with the book The Best Part of Me! Students listened to the kiddos in the book tell what they like best about their body and why.

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Our kiddos then chose their favorite and wrote about it! Like the other units, Unit 5 utilizes mentor texts to TEACH! In unit 5, we work on fact vs. A look at the writing lessons! I wanted to share with you a fun idea for teaching letter writing!

Blueberry, a super cute book for letter writing! I created this fun and interactive writing template for them! They color their little girl or boy and then cut along the lines to form three flaps for the greeting, body, and closing! They are then able to open each flap one at a time and write the parts of the letter!

On The Phone

We talk to about only cutting on the dotted line. The kiddos choose a friend or family member to write to. If you would like to snag this interactive letter writing activity, the parts of a letter poster, and additional writing templates click below for the freebie! Now let’s talk a little about assisted writing! I like to use assisted writing sheets mainly during independent writing times! This would be for example during daily five work on writing!

My kiddos can’t get enough of my writing story starters! I use them in their work on writing folders and as a choice for early finishers! I have found these story starters to work absolute wonders in my classroom! I like the spider and web. All of the people are at the table.